Perks of Being a Freelance Web Designer

Freelance web designers are like mushroom sprouting from all over the net. Due to the high demand of the web community, these creative cyber fellows are really in grave need; thus resulting to their skyrocketing number. However, not all of these web designers are working full time in a single company. Instead most of them choose to work as freelancers. Working freelance somewhat entice these designers due to the fact that the perks are overflowing.

Here are some of the Perks you get when you work as a freelance Web designer:

  1. Freedom of Self-Expression – almost all web designers have this hidden desire of unleashing the products of their amazing imagination. Being able to work freely from one employer to another is one of the best ways to spread one’s creativity and getting paid handsomely at the same time.
  2. Easy Employment – when you are a good web designer, you don’t even need to look for work because work itself will come to you. This seems exaggerated but yes, work is readily available because the websites need to always innovate and keep up with their rival sites. Being a freelancer gives you an edge because you don’t demand much payment and get to work project-based. Most employers prefer freelancers because they are easy to work with and less demands from both parties.
  3. Flexible Time – when you work freelance you don’t get burdened as compared to full time workers. You get to hold your own schedule. Especially if you are the type of person who wants to take control of every minute spent in your life daily, you must work freelance. You don’t have to force that idea because you set your deadline accustomed to your creative body clock.
  4. New Learning – being able to work in a lot of companies and be given the chance to recreate their site is like having a free learning experience. You learn a lot from the projects that you are working on. Since you are freelancing, there is a higher chance of learning due to more projects from your various employers.
  5. Good Pay – Who wouldn’t want this? Web Designing is quite a task. However, it is one of the best paid jobs in the cyber community. Imagine being paid in good amount just by doing the job you love. Freelancers do get lower salary but not low in terms of amount. You tend to work in lesser time therefore you receive a lower pay. But since you have that flexible time you can look for more work thus sums up to a higher salary.

These are the perks that most web designers consider at first that’s why they end up working as freelancers. Having no boss to dictate a fixed schedule and be able to work in as many projects as you can as long as you can juggle your time is very rewarding. Being creative in working and being passionate in it is just like playing a game, at the end you end up enjoying and feeling good with the results. The only difference is you get paid at what you do. If you want to look for a site that do web designing you can find web design San Antonio and see for yourself the services they offer that will suit your needs.



The minimal approach to graph design

The modern world has produced a new kind of client. This client has short attention span (no more than 8 seconds at a time) wants things to be fixed quickly and instant gratification. So, as a graphic designer you’ll have to learn how to present data to this new type of client. The first step is to stream line your info graphics, sort of like a minimalist approach where the philosophy should be: less is more. For more information check out

The first set is to try to unlearn what you learned in you graphic design classes. So let’s start taking things away. For this example we’ll use a classic bar graph. The first thing to go is the background, with the short attention span of the modern consumer you don’t need anything that would make Joe “gold fish” to concentrate on something other than the data. Backgrounds are distracting, check out

The second thing to go are labels that appear somewhere else, find more info at If the data is label in more than one place, reduce these until you have only one glorious label where the client can focus it’s attention. It can also mean you’ll have more room for your graph.

Third remove borders. This has to be applied to all objects in your graph. Borders are unnecessary and can be distracting, find out more at Remember that the idea is to take away as much as possible so that the elements that stand out are the data.

Use the color to highlight data that needs to be in the clients face. So, remove or attenuate color from other data in the graph to make the important attention garbing results pop. It is a great tool to tell the story that the data is giving you, so find out how at And while you are at it, don’t use special effects on your graph. It might look cool, but it is just another distraction; it clutters you graph and fights for the attention span of the client.

Use neutral font and avoid using italics, bold or underline text. They contribute nothing to the over all impact of your graph and therefore they should go, more at What does not directly affect or shows the main data in a good light has to go.

We are not done yet, we have to make another adjustments, find out more at So, you now must be left with a very nice looking graph, but there is room for more improvement. Now make secondary labels lighter, remember we are trying to make the important info pop?

Also the horizontal lines that you might think add accuracy to your graph are not really doing anything more than adding clutter to them. A client, well, no human being can tell the difference between half points on a graph. Get rid of the horizontal lines.

Finally, remove data on the Y axis and label the bars directly. This makes gives you the exact value of each bar and also allows you to compare the different values, which is what a graph is suppose to give you in the first place.

Hope you liked this brief article, for more information click on over to

Knowing your Server

Many of us probably don’t know much about the servers that make up the internet but without them there would be no information super highway more commonly referred to as the web. For that reason, if it ever becomes a time for us to buy a server, we would want to learn as much about them as we could before we made the purchase. One of the best ways today, to learn about a product, is to look at reviews of that and similar products and that is equally applicable to servers as any other product. Find hp dl380 first or any other one and then look at several more in order to give you an idea as to what the basic requirements of each one are. From those reviews you should be at least able to determine what size server you need and perhaps other qualities that you should look for and some reviews even compare different ones which would certainly be of assistance to you in finding the correct one for what you need. Armed now, with at least the basics, you will be in a better position to speak with the supplier who, will almost certainly be an expert and therefore be able to advise you more specifically as to the correct server for your unique needs.

The problem is that servers come in such a large variety of sizes from the small printer server that allows your computer to pass on information to your printer as to what it needs to be printed, to the huge server required by Google and some of the larger e-mail companies. Of course other sizes of server are required by the smaller e-mail addresses, apps, domain names and gaming servers that can allow the different players to be in contact with each other. Your computer is of course connected to a server provided by your internet provider, the one that allocates your IP address and then that links into the other servers and together they create the worldwide web with which we are probably all familiar with.

Not all servers though are linked to or make up part of the internet, companies have their own servers and in these instances, the servers connect all the computers within the company to one another, making internal communications far easier and often quicker, not having to depend on the internet. Once a server is connected to the computers within a company, they can freely share information between each of those computers, allowing files to be opened anywhere within the company, dependent of course on any internal password requirements the company may wish to put in place for security or confidential purposes.

Therefore, if it is a company server that you are looking for, you should probably have to know before you start looking at servers, how many computers it is intended to serve, the amount of information it will probably have to store and from that, you should be able to start looking at the reviews.